Sending All of the Troubles to the Ditch

Attrition Wheel

If you see 10 troubles coming down the road, you can be sure 9 will go in the ditch, and you have only one to battle with.” – Calvin Coolidge

In recent years, many of us feel as though our time has been spent in a constant firefight.  Shifting expectations, crises around every corner, too few resources, and too many obstacles in our way.  Whether it’s work, personal life, or shifts in cultural norms, the constant bombardment has become overwhelming.

Those ever-present “recent studies”, which we read every time we consume content, tell us that people in every walk of life are near a breaking point.  LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2022 report indicates that 81% of 500 C-suite professionals polled are changing workplace policies, trying to add “flexibility” to the mix, but at the same time, 80% of HR Executives report that hybrid work models are adding to the problem.  Add to that the statistics from Microsoft’s Annual Work Trend Index, which reports:

  • 62% of all frontline workers say leadership does not prioritize building culture
  • Workers are reporting prioritizing health and wellbeing above work at a rate 53% higher than pre-pandemic reporting
  • 3.5X – New hires whose managers played an active role were much more likely to say they were satisfied with their onboarding experience
  • 252% is the increase in weekly time spent in meetings for the average Teams user since February 2020
  • 52% of Gen Z and Millennials are likely to consider changing employers this year (up 3% year-over-year)

The question becomes, which of those many troubles do we focus on, and which will conveniently end up in the ditch?

The answer is… There are a lot of troubles radiating from the same problem and that's the one which will stay on the road unless addressed comprehensively.  They are spokes on the same wheel – a disconnected workforce.

A few of the most effective activities organizations can perform to stave off mass attrition include:

  • Testing for chaos tolerance
  • Job description reviews and updates
  • Communication channel assessments
  • Workflow mapping
  • Focus groups
  • Professional development programs and training

Before you find yourself, or your organization, “in the ditch,” invest the time to source solutions from the people that are doing the work.  It takes time, experience, and thought to craft the right kind of questions, but if you listen and develop trust, that investment will pay off in substantial savings as well as loyalty.


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