We Design Internal Communications Strategies to Engage & Align Your Teams

We are the experts who mine institutional knowledge from your team to solve workflow, process, and employee engagement challenges.

By assessing for chaos tolerance, surveying for operational breakdown, and performing 1x1 interviews, we uncover the unreported details about communication bottlenecks, job satisfaction, and collaboration.

After our thorough assessment and recommendations, we are your partner in the implementation phase.

We guide you and your teams through the change management process, helping your teams understand, align, and engage.

What Does a Better World of Work Look Like?

"A better world of work is one where the staff comes to the job with the clearest understanding of what it takes to be successful every single day."

~ Lizabeth Wesely-Casella

CEO, L-12 Services

Operational excellence begins when your team personally invests in the solutions that solve operations challenges.


Leadership is already busy performing the work that keeps your organization successful.

Our contracts have two distinct and important phases.  The Assessment Phase and the Implementation Phase.

In the Assessment phase, we perform deep-dive research to unearth underlying engagement, alignment, and process challenges.  Upon completion, we provide a full report with recommendations that are effective and evergreen.

The implementation phase is executed with clear communication, training, proprietary tools, and change management support because we are your partner on the road to operational excellence.


In today's environment, it's not uncommon for our clients to know that "something" is holding their team back, but after the chaos of the pandemic, the answer is not clear, or it is not easily identified.

We are adept at thoroughly investigating why workflows are failing, why processes are inefficient, and why the community and culture of your organization lacks resiliency.

Through our extensive three-step process we uncover the reasons behind the challenges you are facing, not just the challenges themselves.

Our findings will illuminate the root cause of the challenges and provide you with the insight necessary to enact the right solutions for your organization.


With the unplanned transition to remote work, and then the often inconsistent transition to hybrid, organizations are looking to find solutions which engage their workforce and create a new sense of personal investment.

This alignment is critical for supporting your Mission, Vision & Values.

Let us work with your team to uncover which communications channels are effective, what information is missing from the big picture, and how your team needs to receive information.

PRO TIP: If you don't have a feedback mechanism in place for your internal communications, you are missing half of this very important conversation.

We will help you sort through the confusion, creating clarity from chaos.