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We create clarity from chaos

"Lizabeth Wesely-Casella is a pioneer at the intersection of internal communication and workflow and process management."

- Mike Klein, Changing the Terms #WeLeadComms

Organizations We've Served

Organizations We've Served

Blake Davis, Officer, Global Response Management

Global Response Management (GRM) is a military/civilian NGO with internationally distributed teams.  They respond to humanitarian crises worldwide and their mission is "to bring emergency pre-hospital care and training to those living in, or displaced from, conflict zones with a focus on underserved areas."

The GRM team was losing staff members at an unsustainable rate due to leadership conflicts, overly complicated workflow, and a culture that was in decline.

L-12 Services reversed the attrition, streamlined workflows, trained staff, and developed policies which created clarity and teamwork.  The outcome is, GRM has doubled their donations, increased staff size by 30%, and they are considered one of the top emergency response organizations globally.

Your team is not producing, workflow is chaotic, and the processes you used yesterday don't work with the resources you have at your disposal today.


Individuals are struggling with broken processes, bottlenecks, and too many unknown variables. 

Whether it's because you've scaled, or because you transitioned to remote work, your resources are different than the policies that support them, and that negatively impacts your goals.

These challenges are based in systems, workflow, and efficiency; all aspects of internal communications.

Let us help you create a clear path toward success, for you and your team.


Our clients have reduced project delivery times by 35%, dropped employee attrition by 72%, and every client has significantly increased revenue and customer service scores across the board.


We build solutions to overcome resource-depleting communications challenges while maximizing your greatest asset - YOUR TEAM.

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We create clarity from chaos, so you can lead with confidence.