L-12 Services Corp. is an internal communications and organizational development firm specializing in workflow, processes, and culture.  We create clarity from chaos by streamlining the way your teams communicate, reducing employee attrition, increasing job satisfaction, and building your capacity to produce and profit.

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"Communication isn't just about email and it isn't just about putting information on the intranet.  It's about meeting people where they're at."

~ Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, CEO

  • Increase "Pride of Employment" scores and job satisfaction

  • Strengthen organizational awareness and organizational structure

  • Develop a single "Single Source of Truth" that fosters resource awareness

  • Drive cross-team collaboration through effective communication distribution channels

We create clarity from chaos

Meet Your Experts

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Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, Founder & CEO

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella is the Founder and CEO of L-12 Services Corp.

She is a skilled strategic advisor specializing in internal communication, attrition mitigation, workflow management, process improvement, and culture.

Lizabeth works with businesses to improve internal communications and operations functions, including workflow, processes, and culture.

In addition, Lizabeth and her team create alignment and personal investment within the organization to enhance innovation, collaboration, cooperation, and overall engagement.

Lizabeth is a nationally recognized speaker and travels throughout North America to share best practices in internal communications.

To contact Lizabeth, please email Lizabeth@L12Services.com or connect on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/lizabeth-wesely-casella/.

Lindsay Goldberg Headshot

Lindsay Goldberg, Organizational Development Specialist

Lindsay is a Connecticut-based Organizational Development Specialist with almost a decade of strategic planning, coaching, training and development, and branding experience.

She relies on data-informed decision-making to ensure that every bit of your effort, energy, and expense is invested effectively. Her work has been instrumental in helping organizations rethink productivity and motivation to catalyze growth.

Lindsay earned her MS in Organizational Psychology and MA in Graphic Design. Her combined love for development and communication helps organizations achieve their best work and make an impact.

To contact Lindsay, please email Lindsay@L12Services.com or connect on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsaygio/.


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