L-12 Services LLC is an internal communications and organizational development firm specializing in workflow, processes, and culture.  We create clarity from chaos by streamlining the way your teams communicate, reducing employee attrition, and increasing your capacity to produce and profit.

In short, we identify and resolve bottlenecks and broken processes to help your team generate revenue and keep your most valuable talent.

Internal Communications Services

We work with you to identify the cause of burnout, the bottlenecks and broken processes that hold your team back and which stifle progress.  Together, we will design the policies and training that provide clear direction supporting the Four Pillars of Internal Communication - your What, Where, When, and How for leading effective and productive staff members.

Our Talented Team

The L-12 Services team specializes in reducing attrition, preventing burnout, creating streamlined workflows and improving culture using LEAN process improvement theory.

With over 20 years of experience, our team is prepared to create a business ecosystem that retains and attracts high-caliber talent.

We create clarity from chaos


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