Lizabeth and the L-12 Services team are a communications powerhouse.  They have made our team and me better communicators.

Their disciplined (but easy) approach has been instrumental in bringing order to chaos as we create an internal communications strategy that helps us better understand our team members and meet them where they are.

Lizabeth has built a top-notch team of communication professionals who know their business AND are really fun to work with.


- Dionne Harris, Vice President, People + Culture


The National Restaurant Association values its employees.  Their commitment to individuals' well-being and personal and professional development is unparalleled, and their retention rates prove that.

Over a multi-year partnership, L-12 Services has established trust and provided guidance to leverage the institutional knowledge of the workforce to solve internal communications challenges.  The solutions are tied to operational efficiency, organizational awareness, and increased job satisfaction.

“Our experience with L-12 Services has been exceptional.  Lizabeth and her team have proven that we are not clients; we are a partner they have committed to supporting.  They have gone above and beyond in learning our organization and my team members to identify issues accurately and recommend solutions.  Lizabeth has also been tremendous in her communications, regularly establishing that we are heading in the right direction.  I’m looking forward to the remainder of our work together.”

- Francesca Dea, CEO, Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions

SCAI has a loyal and dedicated workforce with high retention.  Over a six-year period, they grew ~300%, and their processes and workflows no longer served them.  L-12 Services conducted in-depth research to learn about workforce needs, how best to keep staff engaged, and understand organizational goals.

Together, L-12 Services and SCAI developed an integrated, cross-functional plan to create more efficient collaboration, improved processes, and a high-functioning single source of truth tool to reduce production time and increase organizational awareness.

"We were losing good people.  If you have the sense that is happening in your organization, bringing in L-12 is very beneficial. 

We were able to bring everyone back to our team, and they have since stepped up in incredible ways.  The guidance she gave us helped us double our fundraising, and we've increased our headcount by about 30%. 

None of this would have been possible without Lizabeth and her help."

- Blake Davis, Chief Program Officer, Global Response Management

GRM Edited

Global Response Management (GRM) is a military/civilian NGO with internationally distributed teams.  They respond to humanitarian crises worldwide and their mission is "to bring emergency pre-hospital care and training to those living in, or displaced from, conflict zones with a focus on underserved areas."

The GRM team was losing staff members at an unsustainable rate due to leadership conflicts, overly complicated workflow, and a culture that was in decline.


"That time at our company was stressful. We put a lot on L-12 Services' plate, and we didn't have great clarity... They helped our team stay focused and move forward, making progress, and not getting lost in some of the mystery or stress of the challenge we were taking on."

- Kelley Birschbach, VP of Marketing & Sales, ProEdge Dental Water Labs

ProEdge needed market research and project management support.  As a small business, contracting that work was a good solution, but they were unsure where to turn.

L-12 Services provided the guidance and leadership necessary to help manage distributed teams through complex interviewing activities and decision-making.


We create clarity from chaos