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Internal Communications & Process Improvement Specialist

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Lizabeth's Intro:

In the current business environment, growing and scaling your business to new heights has become increasingly challenging. With the rise of technology and new work environment expectations, clarity is key.  It's critical for your business to attract and retain high-caliber talent, produce effectively and efficiently, and stay prepared for the challenges ahead.

Meet Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, the Founder and CEO of L-12 Services LLC. A skilled strategic advisor who specializes in increased efficiency and effectiveness, Lizabeth uses her communication, collaboration, and LEAN process design skills to identify where businesses can overcome challenges related to scaling, process breakdown, workflow management, and staff delight.

Don’t throw away this opportunity to increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Contact Lizabeth for more details about how she can help you turn your vision into reality and improve your business growth.

Lizabeth's Bio:

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella is the Founder and CEO of L-12 Services LLC, a firm specializing in internal communications training focused on workflow, processes, and culture.

She is a skilled strategic advisor who helps businesses increase efficiency and effectiveness by providing solutions that foster increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and reduced delivery times.  Her work has driven successful outcomes for organizations that last for years, including talent retention, client re-acquisition, and streamlined processes that save time and increase revenue.

Lizabeth’s work has contributed to successful project outcomes in federal health policy, international program development, and non-profit grassroots management. The L-12 Services client list spans a wide variety of industries including NGOs, educational programs, technology, and civilian-military lead organizations.

In 2014 Lizabeth organized, and lead the process and communication change coalition supporting program implementation related to First Lady Michelle Obama’s signature program Let’s Move!.

Using LEAN process improvement and her collaborative nature, Lizabeth calls on her vast range of experience to pass along insights in areas such as change management, administrative systems analysis, internal communications training, and policy development.

Lizabeth holds a BS in business administration and a master certificate in LEAN Six Sigma.

Topics & Talking Points

Successful & Insightful Communication

How Designing the Right Communications Policy Will Save You Money and Leverage Your Team

Streamlined: Saving Time, Money & Talent Using Exceptional Workflow Strategies

How Businesses Can Overcome Costly Internal Communications Challenges

The Business Ecosystem

Why Creating an Environment that Fosters Success Accelerates Innovation and Improves Emplyee Experience


Bold Business Podcast

Lizabeth is well versed and brings current practical examples of how internal communications impact a company's success and the systems and culture levels. 

She was prepared for our pre-recording call - she'd listened to our programs to know the format, and she was ready with some questions. She has utilized the materials we create for guests by sharing out the podcast when it was released, participating in our community conversation across social media, and by pre-promoting with me on a livestream.

Lizabeth is intentional, brings great energy, and recognizes the value of participating in conversation before, during, and after her podcast appearance.

Jess Dewell
Managing Partner | Operations & Strategy
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Speakers Who Get Results Podcast

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella was a wonderful guest on my podcast "Speakers Who Get Results."  She was warm, articulate, and FULL of great information!

Elizabeth Bachman
host,  Speakers Who Get Results
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The AVA’s No Frills Podcast

Lizabeth was an excellent guest on AVA's No Frills VA Podcast! Her easy banter and intelligent conversation made her a breeze to talk with. I am excited to have Lizabeth on the podcast again for a Part II in the near future.

Kiri Mohan
Chief Operating Officer

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