I Won’t Be Remembering “These 5 Things…” and Here’s Why

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The problem is that everyone has 5 or 7 'small things to remember,' and it's no longer inspiring or motivating.

This year I'm making a concerted effort to use my critical media and thinking skills to reduce the noise, and with that comes the understanding that "5 Things" multiplied by all of my areas of interest is killing brain cells.

It's not making my life more streamlined; it's making it geometrically more complex and creating dissatisfaction overall. Instead of feeling successful and simplified, I feel overburdened and indecisive because there aren't enough hours in the day to aggregate and practice all of this guidance.

Do I want higher efficiency? Yes. Do I want better health outcomes? Yes. How about being true to myself? Or overcoming hardship? Or combating critics? Yes, yes, and yes. Heck, I even want better leadership skills and a motivated team, but I'm not learning how to achieve these with "hacks."

These quick fixes may work for shiny hair and a great white smile, but those are literally cosmetic in nature.

I can't put a sticky note up and expect to read through tips when I encounter tragedy, or my inbox is exploding, or my spouse leaves his dishes right next to the dishwasher - again.

Unless you are interested in removing stains from your laundry or baking the moistest cake ever (thank you, mayonnaise), consider diving deep and affording yourself time to read, apply, practice, and refine.

The unfortunate root of the problem, which I am both wrapping my head around and trying to resist, is that experts want (and need) readers to engage in their content, so they oversimplify the message. Yes, the "hack" subject line does get attention, but does it really convey confidence and trust, showcasing an expert with valuable knowledge behind the content?

Truly mastering change requires us to learn and then practice. Most change does not happen overnight. So if you are struggling with change, or considering sharing your expertise, don't default to the "Quick Tips" and "Life Hacks."

Remember, you crawled before you walked, you walked before you ran, and you didn't run well for at least a few long years.



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