Internal Communications – Not Just Employee Chatter

qtq80-98qEYQ-AWhen I first started L-12 Services I knew what our focus was, but struggled to clarify the vision when I explained it to others.  That was a big enough hurdle, but it got even harder when I turned to my own community because it quickly became apparent that "internal comms" has a wide-reaching, and varied definition.  Depending on who you are speaking with, internal communications (yes, the "s" is intentional) is a field focused on anything from improving culture to improving systems, or even measuring engagement.

So what does internal communications mean when working with L-12 Services?

For our part, L-12 Services works at the process and systems level to make sure productivity is streamlined and efficient.  We analyze what platforms are in use, whether people understand how decisions are made, and if the work being done aligns with the overall goals of your business.  From workflow, to job descriptions, to reporting and meetings, we make sure the teamwork within your business runs smoothly by removing impediments and clarifying information channels.

What that means for our partners and our collaborators is the ability to cross-support other forms of internal communications. 

For example, in large organizations, it's vitally important that company-wide information is distributed in a way that is both efficient and effective.  Whether it's a new policy or a product rollout, or the company party, that form of internal communication is critical to both leadership and staff.  Where our peer companies like Smarp really shine is helping demystify the cadence and language used to make certain that the notifications are read.  In support of that, our work is to help teams form a 'shorthand knowledge' that encourages individuals to regularly review the newsletter, or intranet for those messages rather than email, where other types of information gets distributed.

Other scenarios include the use of tools. When businesses have powerful software, that may mean that they also have a lot of redundancy.  It's easy to get lost in these platforms and confused by some of the overlapping capabilities.  Should you use the project planner in Teams to stay up to date on your marketing and outreach, or is the data reviewed in the HubSpot project planner?  Do you use Skore for all of your workflow mapping, or craft your customer journey using the template in Funnelytics?  All excellent products (that we use in-house at L-12 Services) but each has a defined purpose and documented use case.  Unless there is policy that everyone is familiar with, this can become a complicated landscape.  Internal communications at the process at systems level, what L-12 Services specializes in, helps to untangle that and define a plan that works best for that specific business.

You've heard people discuss the waste of time bad planning and policy can create.  Our work fixes that.

So, for businesses that are still using the policies and plans from 2019 but finding that they aren't as effective in the remote work environment, we're here to help you get back on track.  Some updates and clarification will give your team the clarity they need, and your team may be able to give input to develop the plan best suited for your way of doing business.

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Lizabeth Wesely-Casella is an internal communications corporate trainer and process improvement specialist. Her work has contributed to national health program restructuring, and she has helped businesses worldwide increase efficiency while improving staff experience. Lizabeth is an entertaining and informative speaker who shares actionable information with her audiences. To book Lizabeth for your event or podcast, visit her Speaking page.

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