When (not if) The Recession Comes…

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Is your business prepared to redirect energy toward marketing & sales?

When recession protocol sends executives into the war room for marketing and sales strategy, the right professional administrative support will free up their time to focus on correcting the corporate ship.

The time for placing professional administrative support in that position is now.

The problem is, executives and business owners wait too long to install professional administrative support with skillsets and expertise into place until it’s too late. When the market has a downturn or recession, there will be no time for micromanaging or handholding; the leaders will need to be leading, selling, and constructing deals. And professional virtual assistants must be in place in advance to manage the office while leadership is otherwise occupied.

The solution is, find the right professional assistant ahead of time. Hire that person (or people), get them on-board, and develop that solid communication now.

CNBC Financial Advisor Council member Winnie Sun posted a LinkedIn video discussing how businesses can prepare for the anticipated bumps this year. Though her focus is on investments, her advice is on point for all aspects of business planning, including personnel.

Here are four key takeaways from her latest video post:

  • Always be prepared
  • Recession impacts hiring and bonus in the fourth quarter
  • Seek out professionals (she was speaking of financial advisors, but this is equally as important for administrative professionals)
  • Take the opportunity to invest in yourself and up your skillset

Yes, this is sound financial advice; however, it is also what successful businesses do before markets take a major hit.

Corporations regularly staff critical positions before an economic downturn, consolidating positions by hiring department experts. Virtual assistants and administrative professionals regularly have experience with cross-training and inter-departmental management. Consider hiring as an investment opportunity to enhance work production, work quality, and long-term profit as the executive and leadership teams can focus on business building. Hiring the right administrative support is an investment in your business and a chance to “up your skillset” and your game.

Ensuring businesses can pivot at the right time, leadership assesses the health of finances as well as the workforce. Overlooking the workforce that keeps systems running smoothly and which allows executives time to be creative can be disastrous. In a recession, administrative workers are the heartbeat of a body that needs to heal and grow. If that heart isn’t functioning at peak performance when trauma comes, there can be no growth, only misdirected time and energy.

Creative talent will need to tend to tasks that develop solutions, build new relationships, and make sales, but they can’t do it if talented, and experienced staff aren’t overseeing the administrative systems.

Before the crunch and the chaos, before the board, the partners, or you need to focus on solutions, spend the time, and the money to identify the people who can manage your projects with autonomy. Engage with the professionals who can maintain the business without intensive oversight and who you trust to be efficient and focused.

The solution to recession chaos is to streamline in the third quarter and let your creative leaders start to flex their muscles now, while there’s still time to warm up.

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