One Year Later, It’s Time to Address Your Internal Communications Plan

braden-collum-9HI8UJMSdZA-unsplashCongratulations!  Your business has made it through a full year of turmoil, transition, and the over-used word "pivot".  Now, it's off to the races for your teams and your workflow.

Much like New Year's Eve, this point may feel bitter-sweet to many, but this is the start to a new beginning; a time to SUPERCHARGE and STREAMLINE, using the information you collected over the past 12 months.

This past year required heroic effort, a lot of heart, and plenty of 'band-aid' moments simply to keep many businesses going.  But this year we all have the benefit of knowledge; having learned what worked, what didn't, and understanding what we need to fix.  And right now is the time to look inward and honestly assess how you can move forward with agility and precision.  Now is the time to tinker, to adjust, and to test, because this time next year, we're going to be off to the races.

Businesses have a unique opportunity at this moment in time.  Most every business, maybe with the exception of Amazon, is working to get, or keep, their house in order.  That means that taking the time to carefully plan out what your business and process future looks like is not a pause, or a stall, or a lag.  It's preparing for fast growth, and setting your organization up to be competitive in short order.  Think of this year as a training year so that you and your team are ready for the big race to your goals in the future.

What can you do today to get warmed up?

  • Take this short Communications Needs Assessment to see where the hurdles are
  • Use the Internal Communications Checklist found here to make sure your communications platforms support your, and your team's, needs
  • Start, or update, your standard operating procedures
  • Review and refine job descriptions across the company - people have been catching balls and spinning plates that were not in their task list prior to 2020
  • Take inventory of the communication, project management, and other support software you use and look for redundancies

With time invested now, you can circumvent problems and avoid tripping over the metaphorical shoelace in the home stretch.  So run through the tape and lead the pack with a well trained, and well prepared team along side you.


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About Lizabeth Wesely-Casella

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella is an internal communications corporate trainer and process improvement specialist. Her work has contributed to national health program restructuring, and she has helped businesses worldwide increase efficiency while improving staff experience. Lizabeth is an entertaining and informative speaker who shares actionable information with her audiences. To book Lizabeth for your event or podcast, visit her Speaking page.

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