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Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, Founder & CEO

Lizabeth is a skilled strategic advisor specializing in attrition mitigation, workflow management, process improvement, and culture.

With over 20 years of experience as an administrator and policy and programming consultant, her work has contributed to successful project outcomes in federal health policy, international program development, and non-profit/association management.  In 2014 Lizabeth organized, and led a process and communication change coalition for First Lady Michelle Obama’s signature program Let’s Move!.

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Clarisa Paige, OBM & EVA Services

Clarissa Paige is an Online Business Manager (OBM) and professional Executive Virtual Assistant.  With expertise in contract management, medical and professional services client management, and administrative project planning, her skills are the solution for the overworked executive. She is passionate about my work and helping other clients achieve their success in business and work-life balance.

Lindsay Goldberg, Organizational Development Specialist

Lindsay is a Connecticut-based Organizational Development Specialist with almost a decade of strategic planning, coaching, training and development, and branding experience.

She relies on data-informed decision-making to ensure that every bit of your effort, energy, and expense is invested effectively.

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Cari Forrest, Bookkeeping, CAP

Cari Forrest is a bookkeeper and administrative assistant with a long history of helping organizations get organized.

She has supported businesses in a variety of industries including medical, dental, automotive, education, culinary, and business services.  She has impeccable attention to detail and a talent for unraveling banking and bookkeeping processes.  Beyond being efficient and effective, Cari is a joy to work with and she is proactive in finding solutions before they become problems.

Bianca Grant, Virtual Office Manager

Bianca is an EDUbusiness Back-Office Solutions Specialist (E.BOSS) Staying ahead of the frequent changes in technology and software systems is Bianca’s strength.  She thrives on helping others succeed in their business. She has worked in the private sector, government, and various education support roles. This experience and love of problem-solving allow her to create an innovative outcome that enables businesses to run seamlessly.

Melissa Slavsky

Melissa Slavsky, Director of Digital Strategy

Melissa Slavsky creates both short and long-term strategies through a combination of qualitative, quantitative, and ethnographic techniques. She is an expert in cross-channel analytics, social listening, audience development, and digital media buying/optimization, with a focus on ROAS (return on ad spend).