Internal Communications — I Wasn’t Clear… Let’s Fix That

Blog Post - I Wasn't Clear

I got stuck in the idea that everybody understands what I’m talking about when writing about internal communications and what my firm does. Bad form for an internal communications professional, right? That’s what I get for not spending enough time outside of my silo.

What I do, what L-12 Services does, is make you look good and help your team perform more effectively.

Think of this familiar scenario…

  • You, business leader, expect your team to deliver a certain work product within a certain amount of time (it doesn’t matter what the deliverable is; this is not industry-specific) to you or your stakeholders.
  • Your team struggles to get that product through the process on time with the standard quality metrics.

The Problem:

  • Workflow is misaligned with the current configuration of your recently scaled or fast-growing business, creating potholes and landmines on the process horizon.
  • Your team no longer has the ‘recipe’ for success, and the steps to achieve success are not defined.
  • Process, documentation, and culture are lagging behind your growth.

The Impact:

  • You are confused and/or frustrated because time, money, and talent are slipping away each time the process repeats.
  • Your team is unable to innovate and be proactive because the challenges are systemic.
  • Operational improvements slow to a standstill while the organization struggles to meet new goals.

The Solution:

  • External professionals trained in process improvement and culture collaborate with leadership and teams to develop streamlined workflow and processes to organize information and support your business culture.

The Benefits:

  • Data is gathered from the best ideas in the company to use to build new processes and plans.
  • Team members participate in the solution building process and build confidence in the capacity for innovation and problem-solving.
  • Leadership identifies vital employees to develop for additional responsibility.
  • The organization retains and attracts high caliber talent because systems are in place, and success is defined.
  • Your business saves time and money by reducing rework, lost contracts, increased speed, and corporate ‘short-hand.’
  • People communicate more clearly with a deeper understanding of the process and gates of responsibility.
  • You have a foundational plan in place that recognizes and supports future growth.

This is what we do. Why do you need it? Systems with clear action steps save time and promote inter-disciplinary learning, streamlining tasks, and creating robust teams. If you think this is ‘blue-sky thinking,’ check out this report from 2019 before businesses were forced into a sudden transition to virtual work.

If your business values operational excellence, attracting good workers, and high growth, it pays to look at your processes through fresh eyes.

Collaborate with external specialists who will listen and work with you to build a frustration-free workplace, and watch your metrics grow in the right direction.

About Lizabeth Wesely-Casella

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella is an internal communications corporate trainer and process improvement specialist. Her work has contributed to national health program restructuring, and she has helped businesses worldwide increase efficiency while improving staff experience. Lizabeth is an entertaining and informative speaker who shares actionable information with her audiences. To book Lizabeth for your event or podcast, visit her Speaking page.

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