Dori Zabari

Dori Zabari, Director of eLearning and Business Strategy

Dori Zabari is an organized and proactive eLearning, project management, and client support professional with a decade of experience in program management and education. She is highly skilled at building and facilitating virtual learning environments and adapting eLearning products for clients’ needs.

She has created her own and has supported others in building their eLearning offerings, including the entire process of market research, pilot/beta offerings, testing/iterating, sales (both premium and low-end price points), and setting up marketing systems for expanded reach.

Dori's expertise lies in identifying training needs, creating content for course curriculum, writing training support materials, and creating interactive media. She is skilled at group facilitation/leadership, process/system development, and project coordination.

Dori is passionate about education in all forms and thrives in environments where she can support her team in collaborative ways that tap into her expertise.

Training and eLearning

"Businesses of all sizes need informative, entertaining, and cutting edge training designed to teach 21st-century techniques for communicating in a remote and virtual environment. This knowledge is critical for organizations to stay competitive."

~ Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, CEO

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