Clarissa Paige Headshot - Edited

Clarissa Paige, OBM & Executive Virtual Assistant

Clarissa Paige is a highly regarded Online Business Manager (OBM) and professional Executive Virtual Assistant.

With expertise in contract management, medical and professional services client support, and administrative project planning, her skills are the solution for the overworked executive. She is passionate about her work which helps her clients set and meet business goals while simultaneously providing work-life balance.

She excels at administrative project planning, task tracking, and goal setting.  Clarissa's work is both efficient and effective enabling helping her clients achieve success and growth.

Prior to becoming an OBM Clarissa worked in corporate business managing HR programs and leading process improvement initiatives including tech and software implementation.  She received her Associate of Arts degree which is the foundation for her creative problem solving and communication skills.

For support with your business fundamentals and foundations, Clarissa is the right-hand partner to grow your business and meet your milestones.  She works with CEO's, small business owners, physicians, and coaches to help clarify processes and implement new tech, providing clients the highest quality service.

It's not what we do. It's how we do it.

"Any firm can assess where communication and processes break down. All that takes is analysis.

What makes L-12 Services different is the way we analyze the problem and the innovative ideas we come up with. The keys are collaboration, listening and empathy. "

~ Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, CEO

We create clarity from chaos