Bianca Grant 2021
Bianca Grant 2021

Bianca Grant, Virtual Office Manager

Bianca is an EDUbusiness Back-Office Solutions Specialist (E.BOSS) Staying ahead of the frequent changes in technology and software systems is Bianca’s strength.

She thrives on helping others succeed in their business. She has worked in the private sector, government, and various education support roles.

Working with international firms, Bianca learned firsthand how strategic planning coupled with a highly-qualified administrative team equals success.

This experience and love of problem-solving allow her to create an innovative outcome that enables businesses to run seamlessly.

Bianca lives in Dallas, Texas where she assists businesses of every size and delights her clients at every turn.

What Does a Better World of Work Look Like?

"A better world of work is one where the staff comes to the job with the clearest understanding of what it takes to be successful every single day."

~ Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, Founder & CEO, L-12 Services

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